The Vision

The Vision: Director’s Cut #2


Wow this book is amazing. It had been on my want-to-read list since rather early in its run, and I just kept figuring I’d buy the trade paperbacks. I’m so glad that these director’s cuts came out to push me to start picking them up. This second issue actually contains the third and fourth issues of the original run.

This story just keeps getting deeper and darker. As Vision and his wife struggle to keep their marriage working while dealing with the demanding job that he keeps or the stress of their daughter’s injury, it really starts to hit you just how masterfully King was able to pen a story about human emotion while using synthesoids as the subject.

There’s also a lot of tones of fear and xenophobia and hate. Like any great story, it’s not just one story. There’s many strings to pull. It feels like one of those stories that you can go back to and find little stories within the bigger story. And they all feel so sad.

By the end of the fourth issue we’re left with more bloodshed; more misery. This is a fascinating story with excellent writing and pacing, and stunning artwork.


Astonishing X-Men #2


I’m pretty mixed on this one. But man, look at that cover art! Ooh.

The story’s rather confusing to follow. You’ve got Logan, Jean, Gambit, Beast and Fantomex in in a dream controlled by the Shadow King who’s playing a game with Professor X. It’s at times amusing – like as they’re watching a movie or play about the history of the X-Men. But other times it’s just baffling, such as in a two-page spread where I found it impossible to even figure out the flow of the dialogue.

The art’s a mixed bag, too. The X-Men themselves are drawn beautifully, but the parts with Shadow King just looked overly detailed to me in an unappealing way.

I don’t quite know if I’ll stick with this series for the long haul yet. I might give it one more issue, though.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #73


I skipped #72 because I was so sick of the Toad story that was happening in the main book and the Universe spinoff. But #73 starts a new story – “The Trial Of Krang,” which was actually preceded in the Free Comic Book Day issue this year.

It’s not exactly what I want from the series – which would be a lot more street level. But this is way way better than what was going on recently. And at least here we’ve got some familiar faces like Krang, the Neutrinos and Leatherhead. So that’s cool.

Oh, I want to point out that the art in this issue was great. Corey Smith is killing it here. The writing was a bit overly verbose, but that’s not really unusual for the series.

I’ll continue reading (again), though I can’t see myself dipping into the Dimension X mini-series, nor going back to the Universe book for extended storylines here necessarily.

#1 · Marvel Legacy · One-Shot

Marvel Legacy #1


I’m a sucker for new #1’s and new events and all that. But I also try not to expect too much, as generally these events will leave me disappointed. But this Marvel Legacy one-shot actually really surprised me.

Marvel’s doing their usual reboot thing, but this time feels I don’t know… different. It’s more back to basics than usual.

This was a nice lengthy story which felt hokey at first – starting a million years ago, ugh. But then it really picked up and tied together stories from The Avengers, X-Men, the Fantastic Four for crying out loud as well as others. It feels like instead of just a total hard reset, Marvel is taking all the loose ends from the Civil War II era comics and are finding a way to get them back to a time before all that stuff. A time that many fans miss.



The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #10


Slightly mixed on this issue. I’m not really loving the art the way I have in past issues of this series. Though the coloring was quite nice. I especially liked the contrast of cold sickly sterile colors in the Osborn office versus the bright coloring of the Parker house for example.

This one revolved a lot around young Normie Osborn, which is y’know. Okay. But there’s something I’m not crazy about here with so much emphasis on Annie-Mae being this great superhero. Like, twice they had her save Spider-Man in one issue. He’s Spider-Man and she’s a kid. You’d think it would still be him showing her the ropes more. I don’t know.

The inclusion of the Lizard and a brief mention of the Fantastic Four was promising though. And now this hints at our young Osborn finally taking on the role of Green Goblin which could be cool… except he’s also a little kid. I’m just nervous that this series which has previously shown a great family dynamic is now heading a little too childlike for my taste.

#1 · Runaways

Runaways #1


I was pretty excited about this first issue, but I finished it not feeling all that impressed. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just because the whole issue was one single scene. Nico is trying to revive an injured Gert. It just felt like the whole issue was just showing how Nico’s powers worked. It was just kind of… I don’t know. It didn’t do a lot for me.

So I’m not really sure if I’ll stick with it or not. I’ve still got so many others comics to catch up on as it is, I’ll probably throw this series on the backburner at least for now.


Hawkeye #9


It’s been a while, but I’m finally playing catch-up on my comics. Starting with Hawkeye #9, a series that I’ve been a big fan of. This issue felt a bit like a transitional one. There was  a fight club scene that was cool but mostly it just kind of… was there. It felt like it was wrapping up some loose ends from last issue but nothing was a huge revelation or anything.

As usual the writing was punchy though. And the art was on point. This book in general is always solid. So I’m not even putting anything down. But I’m not quite as engrossed with the story at the moment as I have been in the past.

The Defenders

The Defenders #4


So so good. Everything about this comic is great. Seriously. The art! Oh my goodness, the art. And Bendis’ writing is top notch here. I’m loving this.

This issue had some history on this new crazy drug that Diamondback put on the streets. Then a huge fight between him and Jessica Jones & Iron Fist. And then… and then it ends with brief appearances from The Punisher and Elektra! So it looks like there’s plenty more surprises to keep rolling in.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey #5


Jean continues on with her training. This time with Psylocke. Good issue. Mostly about Jean learning how to control her powers. It seems like it’s fight or flight that triggers them – so now I’m really starting to think that my theory about this being a story about dealing with anxiety was spot on.

Some great art this issue. Still totally enjoying this series.