Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones #3


When a new Jessica Jones series was announced for 2016, I was super excited. I love the character. I adored the first season of the Netflix show. I had spent time back-reading, but was ready for a new story.

So far I feel less than thrilled, though. Issue #1 felt a bit slow to get moving. It was intriguing, sure. But nothing that truly grabbed me. Issue #2 seemed to actually start to pick up, and I was getting hopeful that this would actually be a favorite current series. But now with issue #3 I’m really starting to wonder. In a way I feel like I’ll keep reading just because it’s Jessica Jones, but not because I’m particularly invested in the story. We’ll see.

Ultimately this issue just feels kind of lost. Where is the series going? Why are we interested? Jessica is being held captive (which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Isn’t she super strong? Is she just refusing to use her powers to break free? That seems very unlike her, though. Especially when she’s pissed). And this woman is introduced and says she’ll be seeing Jessica again soon with a beneficial offer. Then Luke Cage and a police officer see Jessica after she’s free and she flies away… it’s all very… uninteresting.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I have much higher expectations for this one. I don’t know.



2 thoughts on “Jessica Jones #3

  1. Like you Netflix has motivated me to catch up on some of these characters. The last time I read about Luke Cage and Jessica Jones they were in the Avengers and had a kid. Then all the Skrull Kree stuff happened and I walked away from Marvel… now I’m wondering if this a good place to jump back in?


  2. Honestly, I love Jessica Jones’ character, but I’m not enjoying this current series as much as I hoped. I’d recommend reading any of the older Alias stuff you missed, or even The Pulse before this.


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