#1 · Hawkeye

Hawkeye #1


I’ll be honest, I was only slightly interested in this new Hawkeye series. I actually read a black and white preview of it not too long ago and just sort of shrugged it off. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. But I had to admit that the cover art looked really nice, and I am kind of a sucker for checking out new #1’s. So I decided I’d take a shot.

For the record, I’m really glad I did. It turns out that this new Hawkeye issue is really great. Here we’ve got Kate Bishop moving to California to become a private investigator. And while it name-checks Jessica Jones, and Kate even mentions that being a superhero/private-investigator is kind of the “in thing” right now, the tone of this book seems miles away from Jessica Jones. This has sort of a young millennial voice, a lot more humor, and some strikingly colorful artwork.

In just one issue Kate manages to foil a bank-robbery and start on a stalker case at a local college campus all while setting up what appears to be the start of the on-going story. The writing flows excellently with not a panel nor speech-bubble wasted. In short, I loved this premier issue and will be totally following along.


One thought on “Hawkeye #1

  1. I really liked this comic. The flow of the panels, the art, and the dialog were all great. Perhaps my favorite thing is the way the show her though process through stylized targets over certain people or objects with a callout (eg. Baddie). Fun stuff!


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