#1 · Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy #15


I loved the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie hard. But I haven’t jumped into the series and felt like it was already far enough along that I’d have to wait to consider a TPB collection when the mood struck me. But alas, issue #15 is also the beginning of the “Grounded” storyline. And I love a good jumping-on point!

I had actually read a preview of this one not too long ago and was interested. And yep, it turned out pretty great. Basically this entire issue revolves around The Thing – which is nice for old fans of Fantastic Four who wish the FF were still in publication.

What made this one even cooler was that now that the Guardians are stuck on Earth, SHIELD has come to The Thing and asked him to help them figure out what’s going on with Dr. Doom – he who has now abandoned the mask and claims to be good, taking over for Tony Stark in the roll of Iron Man. In a very cool crossover move, I noticed that the end of this comic started to feel familiar. And for good reason: It actually retells a couple of pages from issue #1 of The Infamous Iron Man which I had just read a few weeks ago. Nice!


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