#1 · One-Shot

DC Rebirth Holiday Special #1


Well, as I’ve mentioned I’m a sucker for weird one-shots. And look at that artwork! I really couldn’t pass up checking out this DC Rebirth holiday special. It’s a heft one as well – clocking in at a massive ten stories, along with a wrap-around the stars Harley Quinn and continually segues from one story to the next.

Overall the presentation is nice. The artwork is bright and pretty excellent. Paul Dini’s ongoing story of Harley’s holiday party is a cool way to tie everything together. But like I mentioned about the Gwenpool holiday issue, there’s maybe a bit too much here that feels kind of tossed-off and a bit of a chore to read. I do think this was more successful than that Gwenpool book was, though.

The Superman & Batman story about them trying to find the year’s hot gift for their sons was entertaining, though kind of pointless. Oddly, “The Night We Saved Christmas” was one of my favorites here – even as silly as it was – starring Batman & Detective Chimp. The most touching story by far was The Flash’s one where in the end he and the bad guys stop fighting in the spirit of making sure orphans are not without gifts on Christmas. But a lot of the other stuff here just felt like holiday filler.

Maybe I should stop buying holiday specials? In fact my vote for best holiday special this year was the Batman Annual which didn’t present itself as a holiday special at all.


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