#1 · The Punisher

Punisher #7


Wow! What a great issue! I haven’t been reading this 2016 run of Punisher but felt compelled to jump in when I realized that it was the start of a new story-arch. And I mean, look at that striking cover art. While I was a fan of the character as a kid, I hadn’t given him much thought until watching season 2 of Daredevil earlier this year. So now I was ready for more of Frank Castle (and look forward to his own TV show…).

The setup for this issue is that everyone thinks that Castle was killed an explosion that occurred in issue #6. Of course he’s not dead. He’s out there on the hunt. He finds himself in a bar – and immediately a bar fight. But man, this is one of the craziest fight scenes I’ve seen in a while. Just brutal violence, all drawn incredibly.

The whole thing flew by quickly between the barroom brawl; a page of blood on a bus; and the eventual ending where it seems Castle may have found a new spot to hide out in. Great stuff if you want some over-the-top action.


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