Mockingbird #6


I can’t even tell you how bummed I am that Mockingbird was canceled after only eight issues. I knew nothing about the series, but grabbed issue #1 thinking my wife would like it. Very quickly I found that I totally loved it and read the next four issues in one sitting. Those first five issues made up a TPB that I thought was really amazingly written. And the art! I love the art.

This sixth issue starts a new storyline that takes place on a cruise ship. It is a Civil War II tie-in (obvious from the cover) that involves Hawkeye (Bobbi’s ex-husband) being on trial for murder. Our hero Mockingbird is on the ship to meet with some mysterious figure who claims to have something that could help Hawkeye’s case. That may not paint the picture of a great story, but these Mockingbird comics are just so awesomely written. I love the style. I love the snappiness. I love Bobbi’s character.

Like I said, it sucks for me that I only have two more issues to read. I’ll probably go and check out some New Avengers stuff to get my Mockingbird fix after that.


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