Supergirl #2


So I never had any interest in the Supergirl character until I started watching the TV show on a whim a month or two back. I was just kind of looking for something to watch on Netflix and gave it a shot. Right away I found it to be super fun and actually pretty unique among all the many superhero shows that are out there now (and that I’m struggling to juggle…). So naturally I became interested in the new series. I love the first issue which I picked up while Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving and I’ve just now gotten around to grabbing #2.

While the first issue felt pretty grounded – showing Kara in her school setting and all, this one is already getting more out there. That’s not necessarily bad. We’re already seeing some real inner turmoil. Namely, in this being who claims to be Kara’s father but who she can’t believe is… but ultimately it seems as if she believes (thanks to a neat flashback to a scene in issue #1). This issue definitely felt like a transition but I think that the next issue will be even better.

Either way, I’m liking this series very much. I’ll be sticking with it for sure.


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