Batman #2


A friend of mine has been urging me to read the new Batman series for a while now. I had read issue #1 over a month ago – and enjoyed it – but I was having trouble finding a copy of #2 on any shelves until this week.

I enjoyed this one less. I don’t care for these characters “Gotham” and “Gotham Girl.” I don’t know. It sounds so… generic? Hopefully it’s smarter than I realize. But I mean, really? The dude is named Gotham?

At least there’s the interesting moody Batman stuff going on. Bruce is getting depressed. It’s actually pretty humanizing when he tells Alfred that someday he’ll day and Robin will take over but then Robin will die. There’s definitely an air of existential crisis going on. So that’s something.


One thought on “Batman #2

  1. I didn’t like the idea of Gotham and Gotham Girl, but they were the perfect way to introduce the new “Rebirth” Batman status quo. Throughout this story, and the follow up, Batman takes his job serious and is as cunning as ever; knowing that leading the two new heroes allows him to keep tabs and have a say in their actions. This is the beginning of the return to the 70’s “World’s Greatest Detective” Batman who cares instead of the Brooding Loner Dark Grim Knight we have dealt with for a while.


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