Extraordinary X-Men #14


Extraordinary X-Men is sometimes great, but always good. It’s why I’ve continued to read for fourteen issues now. And why I continue to keep up as best I can. And even if it’s not my favorite X-series, I will be bummed to see it end as it (presumably) will with the Resurrexion even that Marvel will unroll next year.

Issue #14 was… alright. I mean, there’s a lot going on. You’ve got Storm and Magik (I love Magik) chasing Sapna through other dimensions; Iceman and Nighcrawler battling a possessed Colossus; Logan and Jean Grey (I love Jean Grey) having a tender moment back at X-Haven… the whole issue is a good example of how varied and complex this series has gotten. But still, compared to some of the other issues it just felt alright to me.


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