Hulk #1


Wow. Wow. It is not often that a first issue can punch you in the gut quite like this one did. I picked up issue #1 of Hulk totally out of curiosity. I mean, I have always thought that She-Hulk was pretty cool. I remember her stint in the Fantastic Four being especially great. But this… I wasn’t expecting this.

Now I should note that I haven’t read Civil War II yet (though I did pick up the first issue… I should get to reading that already). But having said that, I have been reading plenty of new Marvel comics that have filled in a lot of the events. Recent issues of Mockingbird and Infamous Iron Man have both told me things that happened in Civil War II.

So here we are. The Bruce Banner Hulk is dead. Jennifer has just awoken from a coma. She is the only Hulk left. And she needs to get on with her life. This whole first issue deals with Jennifer trying to go back to work; trying to feel normal in a world that has been turned upside-down. This is a brilliant way to tell the story. Jennifer – THE HULK – feels so human. This is a tragic story. One that feels so emotionally engaging that I want to slow-clap.

Great superhero comics can tell a lot about human nature while using these extraordinary characters to paint the picture. And this is something deep. A story about mourning; about pain. I’m highly impressed.


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