Iron Man

Infamous Iron Man #3


Infamous Iron Man continues its strong run out of the gate with issue #3. With this issue we’re finally given some more background on just what’s going on with old Vik. It seems as though all the power in the world that he had obtained from being evil never satisfied him, and so it was with that in mind that he had his revelation to try being good. And as awful a reason as that is – his logic is sound when he says that he’d be the best man to talk down evildoers: he knows them better than any hero would.

This is really turning into a cool series. Issue #3 is certainly more dialogue heavy (or rather, monologue heavy) than the first two were but the consecutive pages of two-page spreads is gorgeous stuff. This comic has a lot of style.


One thought on “Infamous Iron Man #3

  1. This review makes me want to pick the book up… but like most Marvel books the constant character change, rebooting/renumbering and renaming of the characters is still keeping me away. Heck, I was able to stick with Spidey for almost the whole way while it was Doc Ock webslinging across New York.


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