The Avengers

The Uncanny Avengers #16


I just started reading this series with issue #15 which was the start of a new story, “Going Rogue.” So far, I think it’s awesome. It ties in with the lead-up to Inhumans Vs. X-Men and has an awesome cast of characters. Personally, I love seeing Deadpool interacting with folks like Elektra, Rogue, Cable, The Wasp, Quicksilver and others. And I love the Japan setting here. This is crazy wishful thinking, but I’d love to see a movie based on this plot. Imagine Deadpool and Elektra in Japan on the big screen fighting The Hand and a re-animated Hulk? Yeah!

I love how dark the artwork is here, and yet the Deadpool stuff is classic. Like in the opening of this issue he finds himself daydreaming about eating sushi off a young girl, who turns into the Human Torch as he snaps out of it. Funny stuff.

But seriously this series is pretty great. So yeah, I guess I’m actively reading THREE different Avengers comics right now…


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