X-Men ’92 #10


It’s over. Reading issue #10 of X-Men ’92 was totally bittersweet. It was a nice long issue. One that tied up a lot of loose ends, and had a crazy epic ending. While I had been feeling before like maybe this series was cut down too soon, I now wonder if it wasn’t written this way from the start. They couldn’t have possibly planned to continue it from here, could they?

If I’m being honest, I far preferred the story in the first five issues than in the “Lilapalooza” story in the second half. Mostly because it’s been a bit of a mess that felt sort of aimless. And maybe that’s why it had to come to an end. Maybe there was just a feeling of not being sure where to take the story next.

But the bummer is that the final issue brought a lot of charm. And a lot of heart. Most anything I could say about the plot would spoil things. If you haven’t been reading this comic all along, I’m not going to suggest you have to read the final five issues. But if you have been following along, then you should be pretty pleased with the finale.



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