Justice League · Suicide Squad

Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #2


Ugh. Honestly, this isn’t great. And in fact for the first half of the issue I felt fine with that. I felt like I’d just stop reading after this issue. It was easy to dismiss this as I don’t know… just going through the motions?

And it kind of sort of is. It’s a pretty pointless story so far. Just an excuse to cram as many personalities into one book and move some units. Yeah? But the second half picked up enough that now I’m actually curious enough to read the next one. Dammit. I was actually kind of relieved to have one less series to follow. Oh well.

The one-on-one fights were brief but amusing. But it was when Superman’s power gets sucked out of him that it started to get interesting. And in the final pages we see that the Justice League is now locked up by Waller. So it seems the title is irrelevant. I’m feeling like this will be Justice League/Suicide Squad Vs. Those Other Guys. We’ll see.


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