#1 · Revolution

Revolution #1


I’m reading this because I don’t know why. I have paid no attention to GI Joe or Transformers since I was like ten. I’ve not seen those Michael Bay movies or anything. But for some stupid reason I wanted to read this first issue. I guess because I think it’s so surreal.

Basically IDW has created a Hasbro-verse where all of their toys play together. It’s interesting in the sense that maybe when you were a kid you mixed and matched your toys regardless of franchise? I think I was more boring than that personally. GI Joes fought GI Joes. Turtles were strictly for other Turtles.

But ugh, I do kind of love when franchises are overlapped and retrofitted. Y’know how Alien and Predator used to be separate things but now those two universes are one? I love that.

This first issue was actually not that bad. It set up an intro; it gave us a conflict; there was even the death of a major character which we’ve learned all big crossovers should have. Right? I don’t know. My mind isn’t blown or anything, but I’ll probably check out the next issue. Why not? It’s a short series if I’m just sticking to the main story.


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