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Supergirl: Being Super #1


Oh damn, I thought this was pretty great! Like maybe even better than the main Supergirl series. Alright, no. That’s a lie. These are two totally different books. This is more like a prequel. She isn’t really Supergirl here yet. She’s a high school student. This is like Mean Girls with superhero stuff – which is cool with me.

DC gave us a nice 48-page format issue for this debut, which looks gorgeous. Really, I love when they do this. And with this series being only four issues, I’m hoping the remaining three follow suite.

The writing is solid. Mariko Tamaki is also writing the new Hulk which I’ve just recently raved about as well. Kara feels like a relate-able high school student here. And there’s some great introductions to her friends and family as well as her school and home life.

And that art! Joelle Jones’ art absolutely POPS off the pages. It is so colorful and soothing. I’m really impressed with this series so far. I have a feeling others will bemoan its ‘slowness’ but I prefer this kind of slow-burn if we have the room to get comfy with the characters and the world. This is good stuff.


2 thoughts on “Supergirl: Being Super #1

  1. For the reasons you mention liking this book, I highly recommend you check out Raven’s current mini-series called… er, um Raven.
    It is a similar book and adds a lot of depth and fun to the character.
    Also, I like this soft reboot from the Wonder Woman version of Supergirl the New52 gave us.


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