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Spiderman: Torment


Alright don’t laugh, but I’ve compiled a list of about twenty-five comics from the 90’s that I want to read. It’s sort of a crash-course syllabus in 90’s comics, if you will. I go into this knowing full well that many folks consider the 90’s to be a terrible time for comics (namely, Marvel comics) but I’m not doing this for torture. Nope. It’s because the 90’s are when I was most actively into comic books. But I was a kid. I couldn’t keep up with full series. I’d just read what I could get my hands on. Now I’ve got a chance to go back and read all the stuff that I wished I had back then. Oh, and I’m trying to do this chronologically – at least loosely by year.

I begin with Spider-Man: Torment. The only thing I remember about this series was awesome Todd McFarlane covers. The book itself is full of also awesome McFarlane artwork. But the story… eh.

The short version is that some voodoo witch lady has taken control of The Lizard. And he goes nuts and basically tortures Spidey for five issues. My main problem is the storytelling – or lack there of. There’s barely any dialogue. It’s also just basically being narrated. And a lot of it is just fractured thoughts and single words. Many of which are repeated way too much: “Pain.” “Poison.” “Doom.” Ugh, enough!

Meanwhile Mary Jane is out for a night on the town. She worries about Peter – what he’s doing, if he’s okay, if he’ll be home soon. But really nothing happens with her. She’s just there… because MJ has to be there?

And in the end The Lizard does fall, but that voodoo witch lady? I don’t know. She takes off. And that’s it. We should conclude what? This to me feels like a classic case of a great artist with some great art to show off, but not much story to hold it all together. Oh well.


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