Supergirl #3


I have to say this series is moving along quickly. Here Kara has decided to believe that the robo-Supes is really her father somehow. She follows him to Argo which she thought had been destroyed. Instead she finds it rebuilt, and all of her family and friends have been re-animated… but as lifeless robot things.

Robo-dad then imprisons her and we find out that he’s planning to attack Earth with his robo-citizens to use the lives of humans to fully restore lives to these re-animated Kryptonians.

Like I said, a lot of action for only the third issue. I’m enjoying it… though I think that the Being Super series is slightly more interesting with Kara trying to fit in as human. And I think I’d find her adventures more interesting in this book if she were confined to Earth. But still, I like this series.


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