#1 · Civil War II

Civil War II #1


Okay, so now that the main Civil War II series is over, I finally started reading it. Which is kind of dumb. I wanted to read it when issue #1 first came out but I decided against it for some reason, and then went ahead and read a bunch of other series that were overlapping. So basically I already know a lot of the major shocking plot points that will come out in this series. But I was still curious.

And y’know what? I didn’t dislike this first issue. I actually liked it quite a bit. Now I realize that much of the disdain for Civil War II has grown as issues appeared, so maybe I will eventually grow bored or just flat out dislike it. But this first issue – I liked it.

The main conflict of sides has to do with an Inhuman named Ulysses who can (maybe?) see the future. Or a possible future? And some of our heroes (led by Captain Marvel) think it’s okay to stop that future before it happens. Meanwhile Tony Stark is staunchly against this. It’s a morality thing. And what happens when those heroes go ahead and try to stop the future from happening? They go up against Thanos and are unprepared, which leads to the death of a major character.

And so now we’ve got conflict. Tony Stark is pissed, and yet Captain Marvel and her crew still think that what they’re doing is the right thing. I liked it enough to want to read #2 anyway. So we’ll see how it goes.


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