#1 · Iron Man

Invincible Iron Man #1


Alright so I find myself checking out a lot of #1 issues. I guess I like giving any new series a shot if it sounds even remotely interesting to me. It doesn’t mean I’ll stick with it – but it’s cool to at least investigate new series. I have to be honest here: I totally bought this one for the cover art. It’s sort of simple but pretty – no?

Since we end up without a “real” Iron Man after the events of Civil War II, we somehow end up with two new Iron Man series – Infamous with Dr. Doom playing the part of reformed superhero as well as this one, Invincible which features Riri  Williams, a young (super genius) girl taking over the Iron Man role.

The story is told quite well. There’s tragedy. So far it’s hard to feel like we really know Riri’s character other than her just being really smart. But this is enjoyable. The really cool touch comes as a bit of a surprise on the last page (so stop reading here if you don’t want to know…), when it is revealed that Tony Stark has sent his own AI to be part of Riri’s Iron Man suite. So that’s actually a neat thing to look forward to. Although it won’t be Tony, we will basically have “him” interacting with her.


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