#1 · Batman

Batman #14


So I had read the first two issues of this run and honestly wasn’t all that sucked in. I wasn’t really into the “I Am Gotham” story line anyway. But the cover of this issue grabbed me. I like how it sort of mirrors that late 90’s Harley Quinn cover of she and the Joker. And then I noticed that this issue is a start of a new story, “Rooftops,” so I figured why not? It seemed like a good enough spot to jump back in.

This is a simple story. Subtle. Batman is going to turn Catwoman over to the authorities, but she urges he do it in the morning so they can have one night together. And that’s what this issue is. Their one night together. Maybe it’s not shocking what they end up doing – or maybe it is. But it gives a real human story to these characters. Of course the Batman/Catwoman vs. Bruce/Selena relationship has always been complicated.

The art here is GORGEOUS. There’s a two-page spread of just them on the rooftop where the night sky takes up about 90% of the two pages. Very pretty stuff. I’ll at least stick around for #15 which will wrap up this short story and see how I feel after that.


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