The Avengers

The Avengers #3


This new Avengers series is really a bit bat-shit insane. I mean this first three issues have been all about how Vision went back in time and murdered Kang as a baby but that paradox caused a bunch of weird Kang clones who then went back in time to kill the Avengers as babies and… well, you see what I mean?

Yet I totally like it. I don’t recommend it to anyone necessarily. But I like it.

The artwork in this issue – like the two before it, is cool. Kind of an ethereal quality to it all. And Waid’s writing is solid, giving each character their own unique voice. It doesn’t hurt that I really like the team either. This is not the Avengers that anyone is familiar with. And maybe it’s not even the Avengers that anyone particularly WANTS. But it’s interesting and stands out for its strangeness. So yeah, I’m still into this quite a bit.


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