Inhumans · X-Men

Inhumans Vs. X-Men #2


The second issue of IVX continues the really great, really epic event. The X-Men have started an attack on the Inhumans and are whisking them away to limbo thanks to the likes of Magik and Nightcrawler.

As an added bit of awesome this issue highlights “All-New” Laura in the role of Wolverine, which I really like. I think she’s a pretty great version of the character to feature in these new books. But also, we’ve still got Old Man Logan here as well. Very cool to have them both in the same story with all the other X-Men.

There weren’t quite as many “OH SHIT!” moments as in issue #1, but the fight against Medusa and Beast was particularly cool, along with the chase scene that I alluded to above involving Laura/X-23/All-New Wolverine. This is really good stuff. Definitely my favorite X-book happening right now.


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