Batman: The Man Who Laughs


My wife has actually been urging me to read this for months now. And since she finally started reading The Long Halloween, I figured it was only fair that I knock this one off of my backlog.

The Man Who Laughs was short, but damn good. It tells the story of Batman’s first run-in with The Joker, and does so quite well. In some ways it feels like a ret-conned prequel to The Killing Joke with the Red Hood talk and some other small details.

The artwork was great. The details were superb – especially of The Joker’s victims, such as the many corpses found in the beginning of the book.

Story-wise, I felt like it was a nice brisk intro to The Joker’s story. And I liked how at the end Batman had a chance to kill him, but didn’t. Of course part of the allure of The Joker is never really knowing which origin is really the real one. But no matter, this is an excellent story either way.

UPDATE: Actually, it turns out it was Lovers And Madmen that she really wanted me to read. So I read the wrong book. Haha.


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