The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #3


Issue #3 is another great example of why this series is so beloved already. In issue #1 we saw a story start to unfold from the perspective of Spider-Man; in issue #2 it was MJ’s take. Now we’re seeing how it happened to their daughter, Annie and then it all culminates in bringing the three together and leaving us with a “to be continued…” with the family as a team.

In giving us an issue each for all three characters, the series has started by making each feel personal and human to the reader. I love that. Instead of juggling all three in one book, we get to feel for each member of the family. This is truly great writing.

The art is also fantastic. And I love that they’re up against The Moleman of all foes. This is easily one of my favorite on-going series right now.


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