The Avengers

The Avengers #5.1


And sadly, this story is now over. I’m really bummed to see it come to an end, but at least the feedback was so positive – maybe it’s not unfathomable to see some other throwback mini-series like this in the near future?

The story wraps up beautifully with our rag-tag Avengers replacement team being helped out by the original team to finally put an end to Avenger X. Everything was great here: the art, the story, the pacing, the writing. I loved this just as I did the first four issues.

#1 · X-Men

X-Men Prime #1


I’m kind of annoyed – I wasn’t paying attention at the comic shop and accidentally grabbed the “Venomized” variant cover version instead of the nice cover you see above. Oh well.

X-Men Prime #1 starts the whole Resurrexion event at Marvel, which is basically a major explosion of X-Men titles. I’m all for that. This issue was a decent setup. We got to see Kitty Pryde return; we got to see a time-displaced version of the original X-Men including Jean Grey; we got to see Magik stick around after the events of IvX and the end of The Extraordinary X-Men series. And maybe even better – we finally get to see the school return to Earth.

I’m sure the complaints will be that not much happens in this issue. And that’s true. It felt a lot like those Issue #0’s that Marvel will put out for big events. But… I’m optimistic about what’s to follow in the coming months.


Hulk #3


I can say I’m still enjoying this one. I mean, it’s not at the top of my list but it’s very good. It has a great slow-burn quality to it. It’s written in a really thoughtful and emotional way. And I dig that.

Maybe my favorite thing about this issue was more Hellcat. She comes and visits Jen and asks why she’s being avoided, and the response is so human. Or rather the response in Jen’s head that she doesn’t have the guts to say:  she’s avoiding her own friend to avoid the reminder that she is no longer who she used to be.

Seriously, this is a good series.

The Avengers

The Avengers #5


This series just keeps getting crazier and crazier. So… The Vision meets a version of himself from the far future. And they come up with a plan to destroy Kang that involves going back through time and assembling a bunch of random Avengers to make new teams to then somehow destroy Kang in the past. It’s kind of nuts, but it’s also awesome to see so many Avengers alum in one book. To name-check just a few we’ve now got the original Captain America and Thor alongside the new; we’ve got the Hulk and She-Hulk; we’ve got the original Wasp and Hank Pym; Iron Man and so on. It’s really really cool. As I always say – this series is not for everyone – I’m not even recommending it – but it is for me.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones #6


Well, this issue was pretty good. I actually loved the opening page more than anything else in this series. It was meant to look like an old comic and portrayed Jessica as Jewel first meeting Ms. Marvel. It was a very cool touch. But the rest of the issue was still not great. I really don’t care for much  of the artwork here. But one thing that I was happy about was that at least some answers were to be had. There was some kind of… conclusion. I’ve felt like so much of the first five issues made very little sense to me. Or was just too slow. At least in this issue Jessica sounds a bit more like Jessica.

To be honest, I’m not sure if I’ll continue reading this or not. I want to because I love the character. But at the same time I’m not thrilled with this story. So I guess I’ll think it over.

Deadpool · Spider-Man

Spider-Man/Deadpool #15


Okay, so Part 2 of “Til Death Do Us…” is pretty great. I’m really enjoying this mini-series, and I like how it’s spread out over multiple Deadpool series. First of all, it’s so fun to see Deadpool, Spider-Man and Blade all working together. Plus we’ve been introduced to Cami, a decedent of Van Helsing. So guess what that means? Next issue we’ll be getting Dracula involved in this story. Honestly, this little mini-series has actually been much cooler than all the main Monsters Unleashed stuff going on. It has a decidedly 90’s feel to me.

This issue was also very funny. I loved when Deadpool tells Blade he should have been nominated for an Oscar for New Jack City. But there’s also some really sweet moments, like when Deadpool walks away from a battle with Shiklah and tells her he loves her and she just replies “I know.” Deadpool has always been a complicated character, and Joshua Corin – the writer here – seems to get that. This is a blast!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #66


This was pretty much another standalone story, though not as easy to pick up and read if you’re not familiar with the series as #65 was. The whole issue is about Alopex confronting Kitsune in Alaska. Angel and Raph make their way out there to find Alopex and do so right as the showdown reaches its climax. It wasn’t my favorite issue lately, but it had some good parts. I did enjoy the rather heartfelt conversation that Angel and Raph share. And honestly, the final attack by Alopex was pretty damn awesome. Next month the series continues on with the real story, though so I’m looking forward to that.

G.I. Joe · One-Shot · Transformers

Transformers Vs. G.I. Joe: The Movie Adaptation


I don’t even know what I just read. Truthfully, I’m a sucker for weird one-shots. And this is that. The concept is what if the Transformers Vs. G.I. Joe comic series was adapted into a movie – and then that movie was adapted into a comic book? Well, this is it. But it’s a total mess. At least it was for me who never read the original series. I’m sure it’s fun and funny if you did. Maybe?

The artwork is… not good. Intentionally so, I believe. It’s meant to look like some kind of like kid daydreaming sketches of such a concept. Complete with handwriting to match. But honestly, I had no idea what was going on. It was just one big mess of fractured scenes and stuff. So yeah. I wasn’t into it.


Elektra #2


So far this new series has been quality. Most notably are the action sequences. They let Elektra get pretty rough. Though I wouldn’t have minded if it had been a full on Max series with parental advisory like the Punisher series is. I mean, Elektra has always been pretty brutal. But they do let her get her stab on here as well.

This issue shows that Arcade is behind Elektra’s trip to Vegas. And he’s got some kind of Murderworld game planned… basically, Elektra and other kidnapees are to try to survive being hunted. It’s good stuff.

My only real complaint here is though I do like the artwork, it bugs me when an artist will leave “blank faces” on some characters if they’re meant to not be in the foreground. I just don’t like the look of it. Pulls me right out of the story. Especially when a blank face talks – which happens in this issue.

I did laugh at Arcade’s “Crazy Monkey Vs. Italian Plumber” video game, though.