Mockingbird #8


Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. It’s been a solid month since I’ve had a chance to read comics, never mind go to the comic shop. So for now, I’m catching up on my pile of unread stuff. Mockingbird #8 was one that I had been on the hunt for. It was frustrating because it’s the last in the series, and I didn’t want to pay some ebay premium. Luckily I finally found a copy at the mall of all places!

Ultimately it was a bit of letdown. Chelsea Cain talks at the end about how this was her favorite issue. But not mine. To be honest I felt like it was kind of a mess. But she knew it would be the last, so maybe she just wanted to throw in every unfinished idea she had for the series. Who knows? What I do know is that there were ghost pirates and mermaid dogs and cosplayers acting like superheroes. It was like… a bunch of kind of funny ideas jammed in with no clear reason.

The ending was cute, though. I’m maybe being overcritical. But I loved the first five issues a lot. And I’m bummed the series ended. But I don’t know. Maybe it lost focus. It’s too bad. I’d be all for new Mockingbird in the future, though.


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