#1 · Deadpool

Deadpool #28


Deadpool always keeps things fun and fresh. Issue #28 is the first in a five-part crossover event with other Deadpool series that involves Deadpool’s wife Shiklah (a succubus… and leader of the monsters under Manhattan…). The writing is the usual fun Deadpool style.

When scared New Yorkers kill a monster who wanders into the subway, Shiklah decides to seek vengeance upon the city. Deadpool – in a rather un-Deadpool moment tries to tell her that the justice system will take care of them. But when that backfires all hell breaks loose.

There’s a hilarious bit where Deadpool tries to text other superheroes for help but none of them want anything to do with Wade. And then there’s a really awesome cameo. I don’t want to spoil it. So stop reading. I’m gonna say who it is. Don’t read this if you don’t want to know… it’s Blade!

So yeah, I’m gonna keep reading these issues. I always like a good excuse to read some Deadpool comics.


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