Supergirl: Being Super #2


It is really a shame that this is being intended as a limited series. It’s actually really great, and serves as a nice contrast to the main Supergirl series. This one is more about Kara the girl. It’s about her coming to grips with the powers she has, and adjusting to life as a teenager. For instance this second issue deals with her mourning the loss of a friend. It’s a very human story, even if Kara isn’t actually human.

Actually, to be honest this issue is pretty sad. But the script is excellent, and really hits the nail on the head when it comes to tapping into certain emotions. The way Kara and her friend aren’t sure what to text each other is a good example. You get the impression that this is the first time either has dealt with a death so close, and it’s really well shown rather than told.

I also have to just praise the physical book for a second. I love when DC puts out these longer issues that have that flat book binding. I really, really recommend this series.


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