Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones #5


This Jessica Jones series still isn’t doing much for me. This issue is one of the better ones so far. But something just feels like it’s not clicking. There’s a strange lifelessness to the artwork. Like the faces don’t match the feeling of the words. And even some of the dialogue feels like it lacks any personality. The best I can word it is that I don’t even feel like this is the Jessica Jones character – right now it could be any private investigator in a comic book.

At least she’s starting to make some progress on this case. And the stuff with Luke Cage and Ben Urich here was pretty good. As usual, I just keep reading this because I love Jessica Jones. But it’s too bad that my favorite part was a page that had a bunch of artwork from Jessica’s past. Pictures of her as Jewel for example. I guess I keep hoping that things will sort themselves out and I’ll start to like it more.


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