Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #7


Wow. I did not expect this. This was actually the best issue of the entire TMNT Universe series. And even better is that it seems to be starting an actual new story arch rather than being a stand-alone issue like many of the recent ones have been.

The plot here is heavy. So Donatello figures out how to get Metalhead working again. And he figures it’ll be a nice security feature. Instead it turns out that there’s a ghost in the shell. (Sorry). So what appears to be Donnie’s own soul is still haunting the machine. And it’s tortured and confused. The issue ends with it having a flashback of Donnie being murdered by Rocksteady and then freaking out violently. Basically, the series is now revisiting one of the craziest, most violent, and most divisive stories in the main series. And it’s great.

The artwork is also top notch in this issue. It has a really classic feel to it. So after some weird transitional issues, I can now go back to raving about how great this series is. Awesome!


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