Elektra #2


So far this new series has been quality. Most notably are the action sequences. They let Elektra get pretty rough. Though I wouldn’t have minded if it had been a full on Max series with parental advisory like the Punisher series is. I mean, Elektra has always been pretty brutal. But they do let her get her stab on here as well.

This issue shows that Arcade is behind Elektra’s trip to Vegas. And he’s got some kind of Murderworld game planned… basically, Elektra and other kidnapees are to try to survive being hunted. It’s good stuff.

My only real complaint here is though I do like the artwork, it bugs me when an artist will leave “blank faces” on some characters if they’re meant to not be in the foreground. I just don’t like the look of it. Pulls me right out of the story. Especially when a blank face talks – which happens in this issue.

I did laugh at Arcade’s “Crazy Monkey Vs. Italian Plumber” video game, though.


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