Deadpool · Spider-Man

Spider-Man/Deadpool #15


Okay, so Part 2 of “Til Death Do Us…” is pretty great. I’m really enjoying this mini-series, and I like how it’s spread out over multiple Deadpool series. First of all, it’s so fun to see Deadpool, Spider-Man and Blade all working together. Plus we’ve been introduced to Cami, a decedent of Van Helsing. So guess what that means? Next issue we’ll be getting Dracula involved in this story. Honestly, this little mini-series has actually been much cooler than all the main Monsters Unleashed stuff going on. It has a decidedly 90’s feel to me.

This issue was also very funny. I loved when Deadpool tells Blade he should have been nominated for an Oscar for New Jack City. But there’s also some really sweet moments, like when Deadpool walks away from a battle with Shiklah and tells her he loves her and she just replies “I know.” Deadpool has always been a complicated character, and Joshua Corin – the writer here – seems to get that. This is a blast!


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