#1 · X-Men

X-Men Prime #1


I’m kind of annoyed – I wasn’t paying attention at the comic shop and accidentally grabbed the “Venomized” variant cover version instead of the nice cover you see above. Oh well.

X-Men Prime #1 starts the whole Resurrexion event at Marvel, which is basically a major explosion of X-Men titles. I’m all for that. This issue was a decent setup. We got to see Kitty Pryde return; we got to see a time-displaced version of the original X-Men including Jean Grey; we got to see Magik stick around after the events of IvX and the end of The Extraordinary X-Men series. And maybe even better – we finally get to see the school return to Earth.

I’m sure the complaints will be that not much happens in this issue. And that’s true. It felt a lot like those Issue #0’s that Marvel will put out for big events. But… I’m optimistic about what’s to follow in the coming months.


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