#1 · Batgirl · One-Shot

Batgirl Annual #1


I picked up this annual because – well look at the cover. A Batgirl/Supergirl team-up is awesome. So I had to get it. Unfortunately the cover is slightly misleading. This annual features two stores, and only the first one features Supergirl. And it’s incomplete, but will continue in Supergirl #9 (which is still a couple of issues away).

Anyway, I really did like the team-up story. And the art was great. Inaki Miranda’s drawings are wonderful here. It makes me wish that he was drawing the main Supergirl series as well. It’s a nice setup story though, of how the two meet up and Supergirl convinces Batgirl to help her free a captive girl who’s been communicating with Kara. I’ll definitely be interested to see where it goes. And I like the mutual respect the two show for each other.

The second story was fine, but nothing great. Barbara is trying to balance friendship with crime fighting. It takes place before Batgirl #1, and it has its moments. But the real reason to read this issue is that first story.



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