Aliens: Defiance #7


Holy wow. This was a great comic book.

As a huge fan of the Alien (and Predator) franchises, I have long felt a bit embarrassed to say I hadn’t really delved into the comics. I’ve meant to for years. Even before I was heavily back into reading comics I was interested in those because I just love the Alien universe so much.

I decided to pick up issue #7 of Aliens: Defiance because I knew it was the start of a new story. So it seemed like a good jumping on point. I was right.

Following the fallout of a huge Xeno/Colonial Marine massacre, we find three survivors on a ship – Zula Hendricks (a marine), Dr. Hollis (a biologist), and Davis… a robo-marine. And apparently Hollis has a baby Xeno inside of her. But they decide to cut it out alive so they can freeze it and study it. And they show you that entire process, which is brutal.

The art is amazing. The tone is bleak. The storytelling is heavy but not in a bad way. Honestly, this is the kind of stuff I want to see in Alien movies. And I’ll definitely keep reading this series.


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