#1 · X-Men

X-Men: Blue #1


I have to admit I’ve been looking forward to this one. There’s a handful of Resurrexion comics that I’m interested in, and this was one of the top of that small list. What can I say? I love Marvel’s rather obvious attempts at nostalgia. I loved Marc Waid’s “.1” Avengers issues; I loved X-Men ’92. So this seemed like a no-brainer for me.

I was mostly not disappointed. This definitely is a throwback, focusing on the original (time-displaced five), and with a 90’s X-Men (animated series) vibe to it. The story was… just kind of there for now. But I think more than anything it’s the Who’s Who that’s going to probably make this one fun. I mean Juggernaut? Yeah! What a fun fight scene, here.

The art felt a bit inconsistent from page to page, though. Like, Jean seemed to look like different Jeans throughout the book. And I doubt that was intentional.

The ending of the main story was… intriguing. And then we got a sort of bonus story about a clawed dude like Wolverine; but not Wolverine. I think Bunn is definitely throwing a lot at us readers – but it’s fun, so no complaints.


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