Supergirl #7


Whoo, this was a mixed bag. I’m glad to be through that first story arc in issues 1-6. But this… I am hoping was just a weird transitional moment. A one-and-done kind of thing. Cuz it was odd.

To be honest I found it rather tough to follow. At least, why it was written. Kara goes into Lar-On’s mind to try to understand him. So it was all strange nightmare imagery. I don’t know. Didn’t feel all that compelling.

In the final pages we see Supergirl back in National City – thank goodness. Maybe it’s because I like the TV show so much that I’d really like to just see more of her there. Meaning, I’d like the stories to feel a bit more grounded.

But the final page showing that Superman will be in the next issue is a tease in the right direction. Maybe.


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