The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #6


This series CONTINUES to be one of the absolute best that Marvel is putting out right now. Maybe that’s a big statement to make. But y’know, just an opinion. At least that’s how I feel after finishing an issue like this one, though.

Issue #6 starts a new story arc. And it’s a doozy. So Professor X invites the Parker-Watsons to come visit the school… because he thinks that Annie should attend. Maybe you don’t immediately get the implication here: this Spider-Man book is officially crossing over into the X-Men.

Even more awesome: It’s an alternate timeline X-Men. One where the Civil War never even happened. Indeed things are totally different here… as such, appearances from Wolverine, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Magneto and so on will feel like a great surprise.

I love where this is going, and hope the story sticks around for a while. It’s like, just when you thought you knew what to expect from an already original book; the writers throw this surprise turn of events at you. It’s totally different from issues 1-5 and yet feels totally genuine to the tone of the series.


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