Batgirl #8


So for Christmas my sister and brother-in-law got me a subscription to Batgirl. I didn’t receive the first issue in the mail until #8, which I’ve just read. Of course this means that I’m picking up in the middle of a story. Oh well.

Apparently Barbara is on a date with The Penguin’s son, Ethan. And he doesn’t know that she’s Batgirl… at least I don’t think he does. He runs a company that makes apps and other technology. One such app is called Walkhome and it calls someone to literally walk you home.

A side note, I appreciated the link to MIT’s’ App Inventor. I’d never heard of it, but it looks interesting.

Anyway, Batgirl spies Magpie as one such walker, and they get in a scuffle leading to bad press for Ethan’s company. And from the looks of things, he’s not too pleased with Batgirl.

We’ll see how it goes. So far it’s pretty light and fun.


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