Deadpool #29


Tough to keep such great momentum up. Deadpool #29 closes out the “Til Death Do Us…” mini-series. And it was fine. But also a little bit of a weak ending. Basically Shiklah and Drac do get married, then their armies rise up against them, but then they just decide that they’re all set. They just get kind of bored, and want to retire from ruling so they just go on a honeymoon. And that’s kind of it.

Wade is bummed that Shiklah and he are really done. And again, I always enjoy seeing the human side of Deadpool. But I don’t know, this felt kind of a let down after the great writing we’d have leading up to it. Having said all that – I still suggest this mini-series in whole. It was a lot of fun and even if I have complaints about pacing here, the writing was still solid.


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