#1 · Youngblood

Youngblood #1


A new Youngblood series hitting the shelves in 2017 was very exciting for me. Comic fans of the 90’s are sure to have a soft spot for Liefield and Image Comics. At least I know I sure do.

What’s great here is how organic it feels. It is certainly a throwback, sure. Its artwork is definitely fitting of the Youngblood name. But thank goodness it’s not just a hollow rehash. Instead it takes place now with new faces along old. There’s a new guard who wants to fill the shoes filled by the (mostly) forgotten Youngblood of old.

So yeah – it feels 90’s. But it’s also about a team of millenials who cut their teeth fighting crime via an app called Help! where users can call for a superhero the same way you can call for an Uber.

By the end of the issue we’ll see some old familiar characters meeting up with this new team, and I’m very excited to see where all this goes. Highly recommended!


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