X-Men: Blue #4


Issue #4 continues the tradition of X-Men: Blue being totally excellent. The more this series goes on, the more I start to feel like it’s my favorite X-book of recent years. For a while I was obsessed with The Extraordinary X-Men. And after that I was hooked on the full run of X-Men ’92. But this… this is like X-Men ’92 but even better. It’s not just the nostalgia trip. It is a completely great book with wonderful art, fantastic writing and just… exactly what I want an X-Men book in 2017 to be.

This issue brings the team together with Wolverine… ‘s son. For a second I was kind of not sure how I felt about that. But the story and dialogue just gels so perfectly. I love this young take on the O5 team. Much praise to Cullen Bunn on this book. I’ve been a fan of his work for a bit, but this may well be the best thing of his that I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Unfortunately I’m still a couple of issues behind, but I’ll be taking care of that ASAP.

The Defenders

The Defenders #2


So can they keep it up? “They” being Bendis and Marquiz? The answer: Oh my goodness, yes. None of the momentum of the first issue has slowed a bit. This issue is just bursting with awesome. We’ve got the Night Nurse, folks! We’ve got Blade. We’ve got Kingpin. We’ve got an incredibly drawn fight scene between Daredevil/Jessica/Iron Fist vs. Diamondback. We’ve got a brief but shocking appearance from The Punisher!

Basically everything hinted at and promised in the first issue has been perpetuated in the second. If I were the type to post gifs here, it would be the Citizen Kane clapping one. This series is absolutely wonderful and I look forward to each new issue with open arms. Keep it up, guys!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #9


I… hated this issue. I hated the art. I hated the story – or mostly lack of one. I hated that it felt weird for the sake of being weird. And I mean, I really hated the art. It has such a weird feel to it. Like a kids’ book, only a disturbing one.

I really don’t mean to be so negative. I love the Ninja Turtles. And I started out loving Universe. I’ve loved some issues. But I’m starting to think that I can’t deal with the unfocused nature of this series. You’ll get a good short story arc, and then a bunch of random issues that just feel so random.

This one is a good example of that. Where are the Turtles? This is Alopex and Angel and they’re just chit-chatting and meandering in the woods and then get “eaten” by a giant toad and then it’s like a big fever dream party that… ugh. I just don’t know. I think I’m all set with Universe for a while. The story in the main series has been so solid lately. I think I’m just much happier with that.


Hawkeye #7


Hawkeye is easily one of my top series right now. So it was frustrating to visit four different comic shops since #7 came out and find that none of them had any copies in stock. I hate ordering single issues online. But I did what I had to do.

This issue was fantastic, though. Kelly Thompson’s writing was full of charm and nuance as usual. And the art! Oh man, there are some great action sequences here that just really show off the art. And then the flashback scenes with their purple and white tones… great stuff.

This issue finds Kate confronting her paste. Both via memory, and on the last page – quite literally. And I enjoyed every page. And OMG – what about that cover? Gorgeous!


Supergirl #8


For the first six issues I complained about the art in Supergirl. I also complained that it felt less compelling than the Being Super mini-series. As of last issue we got a new penciller, in Matias Bergara. The art’s still not exactly what I want it to be (again, Being Super) but the story in #8 at least has a lot more heart than previous issues seemed to. Which is a good sign.

The other good sign – for me – is the inclusion of Batgirl. I loved the Batgirl Annual which featured Supergirl in a crossover. The fact that this issue starts a new story arc featuring Batgirl is promising. So hey… I guess I’m still sticking with this series after all.


Batgirl #11


Eh. I wasn’t crazy about the “Son Of Penguin” story – which I said last issue. So I’m glad it’s over. I do like this series. I don’t want to sound too negative. It’s just the story arc I wasn’t crazy about. It looked nice, this issue. And the writing was fine. I’m ready to see Babs go on to some other more interesting adventure now, though.


The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #8


Yes! I mean, I love this series so no surprise – but I loved this issue. What’s great about Renew Your Vows is that it balances the action of a superhero comic with the drama of, well, a drama comic (?) totally perfectly. So in this issue we’ve got Spidey and MJ fighting Mysterio; MJ worrying about her relationship with Peter; and THEN we get MJ wearing the symbiote suit known as Venom. Oh, and she’s keeping this a secret from Peter because she feels bad that she drains his power to be a superhero and she wants to pull her own weight… for the better of their marriage. This is such great writing. It’s like the superhero stuff is awesome, but it’s also there as sort of this analogy on the stress and anxiety of marriage and family life. Brilliant stuff. Love it.

The Avengers

The Avengers #8


The story here was cool. It wrapped up the events of the last issue – which wasn’t great – and also tied into the old “.1” issues which I loved. Avenger X is awakened and goes on a spree of destruction, sucking the Avengers’ powers one by one. Eventually it’s up to Wasp and Doom to get rid of her. I enjoyed it.

Now for the negative… I hate the artwork. I feel bad saying that, but it’s true. I just find it so muddy and, I don’t know. It feels like it belongs in a kids’ comic or something. I’m kind of bummed that the tie in to Waid’s throwback story was done so using THIS art. Ugh.


Elektra #4


Such a mixed bag, this “mini-series.” I love the Elektra character. I think the art’s great. The action is great. But I feel like the writing goes back and forth. My biggest issue is that I find Arcade and Screwball to be pretty uninteresting enemies. Don’t get me wrong – the whole Murderland thing – with people betting on it and all that, is a good setup. But I don’t know. I’m not too jazzed with the story.

I think I’d be alright with it had it not been for Screwball. As a big video game fan, you’d think that the little references would make me grin. But no. They feel really forced to me.

Maybe I’m just being cynical. I kind of wish that Elektra had been given a better story to start a new series with. Maybe we’d get to see more issues than just the five we’re going to get.


X-Men: Blue #3


So good. So so good. I’m just catching up on Blue right now, so I’m a couple issues behind. But I love this series so far. It and Jean’s solo book are the only ResurrXion books that have really grabbed me. But outside of Generation X, that’s about what I expected.

In this issue, the new old X-Men team meet a group of friendly Sentinels. Yup, you heard me. But it turns out to be Bastion who has assembled them. His goal? To help mutants flourish again… so that there are more of them for him to kill. Sounds about right.

The art is excellent here. Especially those flashbacks? Whoo! Combined with Bunn’s spot-on writing, this truly reminds me of reading X-Men as a kid in the early 90’s. Which is pretty much exactly what I want out of an X-Men book right now.