#1 · Aliens

Aliens: Dead Orbit #1


I’m just now finally getting around to reading the first issue of Dead Orbit, the new Alien series. Actually I’m just now chipping away at my growing pile of unread comics as I try to play catch-up amidst a rather busy month. But enough about me – let’s talk Aliens.

First of all – I’m a huge fan of the Aliens franchise. Huge fan. Like I’m the guy who loved Prometheus. And I even watch all those terrible mockbusters put out by the likes of The Asylum and so on. So it may go without saying that I’m a bit biased when it comes to Aliens comics.

Having said that… holy shit. First of all have you seen the art in Dead Orbit? It’s gorgeous. So detailed. So dark. It really fits the tone well. The writing here is solid, and it’s clear that (at least for now) Dead Orbit is going for a more slow-burn horror than say the sort of Aliens Vs Marines stuff you might so often see with the franchise.

Anyway, it IS a slow burn so don’t expect to even see a Xenomorph show up for a while. But it’s definitely a nice setup and I’ll be keeping my eye on the series.



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