Supergirl: Being Super #3


It really sucks that Being Super is just a mini-series, because it is fantastic. Tamaki’s writing here is so on point. It manages to be subdued while still being really compelling. I mean I like her work on Hulk, but I love her writing here. And Joelle Jones may well be one of my favorite artists right now. Her work on this series – like her covers for Mockingbird last year – is gorgeous. Everything has these soft shapes, bright popping colors all soothingly blended. Great stuff.

Issue #3 finds Kara unraveling more of the mystery of who she really is and why she’s so different from her classmates. It culminates in what is actually conflict, and the foreshadowing of real danger.

Y’know those DC Universe Animated Originals movies? Supergirl: Being Super has my vote for becoming one of those.


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