Youngblood #2


I’m still loving this new Youngblood series. And sure, there’s the 90’s nostalgia. There’s no doubt that’s huge for me. But the truth is I barely read Youngblood back then. I knew of them. I had a friend who was really into them. But I basically knew of the comic just for those awesome covers. So what I love about this is that it really is a new series that seems like an actual sequel. It’s as if we’re catching up on Youngblood now – except I barely know them then. So it’s okay that I’m just getting in on the ground floor here and having fun learning what I am as I go. I assume it’s even better for longtime fans? Either way, it’s making me want to go back and read the old stuff too… soon enough.

The story here is cool – how this new team is coming together and wants to right the wrongs of the old team. And the art is fantastic. It’s totally fitting of all those awesome 90’s covers I recall.


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