X-Men: Blue #3


So good. So so good. I’m just catching up on Blue right now, so I’m a couple issues behind. But I love this series so far. It and Jean’s solo book are the only ResurrXion books that have really grabbed me. But outside of Generation X, that’s about what I expected.

In this issue, the new old X-Men team meet a group of friendly Sentinels. Yup, you heard me. But it turns out to be Bastion who has assembled them. His goal? To help mutants flourish again… so that there are more of them for him to kill. Sounds about right.

The art is excellent here. Especially those flashbacks? Whoo! Combined with Bunn’s spot-on writing, this truly reminds me of reading X-Men as a kid in the early 90’s. Which is pretty much exactly what I want out of an X-Men book right now.


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