Elektra #4


Such a mixed bag, this “mini-series.” I love the Elektra character. I think the art’s great. The action is great. But I feel like the writing goes back and forth. My biggest issue is that I find Arcade and Screwball to be pretty uninteresting enemies. Don’t get me wrong – the whole Murderland thing – with people betting on it and all that, is a good setup. But I don’t know. I’m not too jazzed with the story.

I think I’d be alright with it had it not been for Screwball. As a big video game fan, you’d think that the little references would make me grin. But no. They feel really forced to me.

Maybe I’m just being cynical. I kind of wish that Elektra had been given a better story to start a new series with. Maybe we’d get to see more issues than just the five we’re going to get.


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