The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #8


Yes! I mean, I love this series so no surprise – but I loved this issue. What’s great about Renew Your Vows is that it balances the action of a superhero comic with the drama of, well, a drama comic (?) totally perfectly. So in this issue we’ve got Spidey and MJ fighting Mysterio; MJ worrying about her relationship with Peter; and THEN we get MJ wearing the symbiote suit known as Venom. Oh, and she’s keeping this a secret from Peter because she feels bad that she drains his power to be a superhero and she wants to pull her own weight… for the better of their marriage. This is such great writing. It’s like the superhero stuff is awesome, but it’s also there as sort of this analogy on the stress and anxiety of marriage and family life. Brilliant stuff. Love it.


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